Q What is Do the Deed?

A Do the Deed tries to make each of us a bit more aware of our actions – and to show kindness to one another. It encourages us to do nice little things for others. And, in turn, prompts them to pay the kindness forward. As we’re all looking for ways to support the less fortunate – while perhaps being less flush than usual ourselves – Do the Deed offers another way to give. It’s driven by action more than dollars.

Q Who’s behind Do the Deed?

A The movement started with a daily paper and branding agency – The Wichita Eagle and Greteman Group. Other media (outdoor, TV, radio, digital, print), a video production house, printers, business owners and civic organizations have since joined in. We say, the more the merrier.

Q Does it cost anything?

A There’s no pay to play. This website should give you everything you need to participate. Free.

Q Can you give me a step-by-step on how Do the Deed works?

A When you do a good deed, you start a chain reaction of good, good, good vibrations. They radiate from person to person. And hopefully grow. You don’t have to have a Do the Deed card, of course, to do a good deed. And many simple deeds – like smiling at a person – don’t lend themselves to cards. But other deeds – like shoveling a shut-in’s walk – do.

    You may get a card (by someone who does a good deed on your behalf).
    You may give a card when you do a good deed for someone else. For a new card, simply print one out and add your own unique 3-8 digit code. (Any combination of letters and numbers will do.) Groups and organizations can all use the same code to track their efforts.
    When you do a little kindness, leave behind a Do the Deed card.

Q Why do you hope people will use a Do the Deed card?

A The card serves two purposes.

1. It says the deed was intentional.
2. It prompts the recipient to return the favor – by doing a good deed for someone else.

Q How do I track my deed?

A Post your code and deed then come back to the website from time to time and see what’s become of the deeds you’ve set in motion.

If you receive a card that’s already got a tracker code filled in, key in that code on the website to see where the card has been and what deeds the card has prompted. Add your own experience to keep the momentum going.

Q What is the goal of Do the Deed?

A It makes you feel great when someone shows you a kindness. And it feels equally good – maybe even better – when you know you’ve made someone else happier or less stressed. It’s a win win. Both parties benefit. And in the end, as the goodwill keeps spreading, small deeds can become big victories. Not convinced? Check out stories people have posted to this site. It’ll make you a believer.

Q Why do I need a Do the Deed card?

A The card serves an important role. It drives people to the website to learn about the movement, check out deed suggestions, post their own, and vote on favorites. The card encourages people to pass along the harmonious vibe.

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