Dillon’s Marketplace (Good Will!)- Andover

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Roger S
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I was shopping at Dillon’s Marketplace in Andover, KS a couple weeks ago today about 8-9 PM. A nice couple older than myself were buying red grapes which is all they had to purchase. They finished their transaction and the clerk turned her attention toward me and asked for my Dillon’s Shopper Card. I handed it to her about that time she handed it back to me and I was putting it back in my wallet, the lady that was ahead of me said, “Don’t worry we got this for you!” It took me totally by surprise since I wasn’t paying much attention and thought they had went on. I asked her, “Excuse me?” and she restated herself to me. She added, “This is how we show God’s love. Have a good evening!” and they were off. I stood there with my mouth hanging open as I obligingly said loud enough “Thank You and God bless you both!” It was very heartfelt and touching to me. Never in my mother’s lifetime when I told her of this has this happened to anyone in her 70+ years. Pay It Forward!! There are good people still out there and should be recognized!! Have Faith in mankind!! These people did this as a random act of kindness! It does exist out there and definitely restored my faith in people once again! Who ever you both are…Many Thanks to you both! This will be shared with those reunion goers at my 25th Class Reunion for Augusta Senior High School this coming weekend as well! Let’s keep Paying It Forward and show everyone that caring people still exist in life!

By Roger S on October 5, 2010 0 comments

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