sharing a ride

Contributed by:Ronald Southern
My wife drives our grandaughter to a work program every morning and on one cold snowy morning noticed a woman and her two small children walking down the sidewalk. Seeing them again the next morning ,she stopped and offered a ride. As we were later to learn, the woman had just moved into some temorary housing, and walked her 4year old daughter to day care, her son to school, and then walked to work. From then on, Sharon provided transportation to Chelsea and her children to and from school and work , plus grocery shopping on Fridays! Oh and i forgot to mention during this time she was diagnosed with breast cancer and still took time out of her day for someone else. Now that spring is almost here Chelsea and her children have found permanent housing and other transportation. Sharon is undergoing treatment for her cancer and expects a full recovery! I’m sure another Chelsea is right around the corner!

By sharon southern on March 8, 2010 0 comments

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